FüLa: Beauty Contest

Language meets Art: What makes a person beautiful? Does beauty lie in the eye of the beholder? How has the perception of beauty changed over the centuries? Who am I? What am I like?

These were the rather philosophical questions the students had to pose themselves in the  English- Arts FÜLA project. Students from our first form have found answers to these questions. Some came from their teachers, but mostly, they had to find their own answers by producing creative pictures, films and all kind of projects to show what beauty really means to them.


Then, they had to draw caricatures and cartoons and describe their characteristics in English. Indeed, students took the task very seriously: minor flaws like a nose on the bigger side were exaggerated to the extreme, but also freckles and eyes were drawn out of proportion. The outcome was a number of interesting projects and larger than life portraits that were sometimes unflattering and hilarious at the same time


Do you want to find out on your own how our first formers see themselves?