FüLa: Comics

Come in and find out ...

about one tricky question: What do the Normans and the Peanuts have in common? No idea? Well, at first sight, hardly anything. Nevertheless, both have been featured in this year’s Art- English project (FüLa).

Indeed, the Norman Conquest depicted on the Tapestry of Bayeux was the starting point for a trip that took our second form students from the early cave paintings to a whole world of graphic novels and comic strips with the contemporary Peanuts as a final destination.

At the end, the students themselves had to draw and create their own strips and present them to the class. They have not only risen to the challenge, but have indeed created real pieces of art by drawing, painting and making short films in order to put their ideas into practice.


Eventually, we experienced blind dates with the most surprising outcomes, an orange falling in love with a pear and giving birth to a banana, “Playmobil” armies fighting each other and a black sheep finding true love in the Irish countryside. These are only a few examples from a wide choice of funny and entertaining ideas. Do you want to find out more?