Reading Project 5K

We, the 5K/Ku decided to read the book "We were liars" by E. Lockhart in class.

The book is about a girl named Cady, a private island and memories of a whole summer which she lost to a traumatic head injury.

To conclude our reading journey, we created some creative tasks inspired by the book. We made graphic novels, character maps, diary entries and newspaper articles which corrispond to the plot of the book. 




A poem inspired by the book: 

Names etched into the sand, soon to be carried away by the waves 

Words written under the cover of the dark of night 

Ink adorned skin 

The vast sky stretched above us 

Capturing us in our deep embrace 


Lost promises whispered to the ocean  

Seized by the warm summer nights breeze 


“I love you” 

“Only you”  

“I want to be with you”
“I’ll be by your side”  

“Always and forever” 



The name we gave ourselves  

What we are 

What we were 

What you were 


A pressed flower in an envelope 

Who do your flowers bloom for? 

Who is it you write paragraphs about? 

Do I haunt your dreams at night? 


Who do you burn for? 



Our love was made of fire 

Destined to light us up from the inside 

I just never thought you would be the only one set ablaze 

Oh fire, why didn’t you take me too 


Lucia Hossainova